Innan Gryningen IV ╰☆╮ Winter Solstice

Tid: 20.00

Innan Gryningen IV ╰☆╮ Winter Solstice

On evening of the winter solstice, we welcome you to celebrate with us.

Ambient/Ritual techno/Performance/Art/Ceremony

Music Performances

❅Nowhere Island

❅Eyvind Blix



Performance art by 

✩Visuals, fortunetelling, mystiscism.


Rekommenderat 60kr på swish.


The north is the place of cold,
and the earth is silent and dark.
The east is the field of new beginnings,
the place where breath begins.
The south is the horizon of sunlight and fire,
and the flames guide us through the cycles of life.
The west is the home of underground rivers,
and the sea is a never-ending, rolling tide.

The Wheel turns once more,
and we cycle into light.
The tide of darkness turn

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