Nils Berg Cinemascope & Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children live at Greenland Eyes Film Festival Finissage at Landet, Stockholm

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Nils Berg Cinemascope & Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children live at Greenland Eyes Film Festival Finissage at Landet, Stockholm

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival is the largest biennial focusing on Greenland, which in 2014 will tour the Nordic region with stops in Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands. Featuring more than 30 films made in Greenland by Greenlanders as well as other nationalities, the festival encompasses features, documentaries, shorts, music videos and historical portraits and screenings are followed by expert moderated Q&A’s.Greenland Eyes ’14 includes concerts with both a Greenlandic and local band at each closing night of the festival in the 6 locations, photography exhibition ‘13’ by Filip Gielda and Inuuteq Kriegel. Furthermore, there will be performances by the art duo J&A, symposiums at Greenland’s University (The Greenland Film Archive) and at Copenhagen University (Thoughts on Reconciliation) featuring new writings by, amongst others, Kim Leine.Our role is to provide the audience with a greater awareness of a part of our planet that in recent years has become extremely important globally for reasons ranging from climate change, oil and mineral exploration, and potential independence from Denmark, to mention but a few.


Nils Berg Cinemascope

Nils Berg has been dubbed ”the Swedish Fellini”. His band, Cinemascope, includes a shy Japanese lady and her flute, giggling teenagers from Brunei, and an Indian dance group with rock hard feet. How is this possible? Through a groundbreaking idea, and a projector on stage. YouTube meets jazz meets the world.

Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children 

Greenland's sweetheart Nive Nielsen is one of the most internationally renown Greenlandic artists. She has won an IMA independent music award in the US, a Crown Prince Couple's Stardust award in Denmark, and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy and has worked with Howe Gelb and John Parish and friends from such indie royalty outfits as The Black Keys and Wolf Parade. Her voice is wonderful and full of charm, and with her Deer Children, a dynamic mix of ukuleles, autoharps, guitars, bongos, and kazoos have been taken in place, to shape a very special sound... maybe Inuit Indie? Folk Americana meets Snow songs? Come and decide for yourself. 

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